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Sagittarius Full Moon

Jun. 16th, 2008 | 07:06 pm

I’m away at the beach for a few days with my beautiful beloved.

While I’m away, we have a magically potent Full Moon.  It’s conjunct the Galactic Centre in Gate 11.6.  Pluto is only 2 degrees away, although in a different gate on the BodyGraph.  The Sagittarius Full Moon happens at 19th June at 3.30am (Sydney time), UCT: Wednesday 18th at 5.30pm and NY: Wednesday 18th at 1.30pm. 

I’ve been feeling incredibly unsettled for the last week.  It will be good to get out in nature and ground myself. 

The Galactic Centre sends out  powerful Infrared energy that pressures the subconscious mind, providing the release of learned behavior and memories, both negative and positive, all in the interest of moving forward. 

The energetic crowding process pushes out mentally/emotionally stored data to clear space for new information to enter both the conscious and subconscious minds.  (http://www.philipsedgwick.com/ - click on Galactic Anomolies)

The Earth and the Moon will be in Gate 11.  This is a pretty special gate.  In the I Ching this hexagram combines both the Yin and Yang trigrams.  It’s where Heaven and Earth come together to create harmony, where love flows from a deep level of the mind, where physical, mental and spiritual energies are in balance and a perfect state of well being results.  This wonderful energy is available because of the work of many lifetimes of spiritually aware beings (that’s you, enter stage left and take a bow).  

It releases a constant stream of new ideas, potentials, possibilties.  It is in the Ajna Centre.  Note though, that the Ajna Centre is undefined and that Gate 11 does not have a connection to any other Centre, including the Throat Centre.  We can bring the inspiration down to the mental level, but can’t really express it in words yet.

The Sun is in Gate 12, also a place where Heaven and Earth come together, but in a much more difficult relationship.  To bring the two energies together we have to combine our logic and our intuition to manifest a new sense of who we are.

The Full Moon brings new ideas, but we have to wait for the right moment to bring them to fruition.  The waiting period gives time for us to allow our intuition to fully inform us about what is exactly right for us.  This is a very different state from moving ahead based largely on logic.  Without giving the time for our intuition to ripen we just might succumb to creating new forms and structures in our lives that will continue to stifle our potential.  This is active waiting as a form of creation.  Take the inspiration, hold it, engage in a co-creation process with it.  Allow it’s energy to form part of the dance of your life.

Acknowledge your own self mastery, at the same time as you embrace the support and life enhancing qualities of the divine. 

It is quite amazing that on the same day, Uranus moves to meet Mercury.  What we have are two mental energies (Mercury and Uranus) combining to bring the opportunity for the most astonishing shift in spiritual/emotional/mental energies that I can imagine.  These two mental energies are connecting the emotional centre to the Throat Centre so we can express and manifest our emotional truth.  Sagittarius is a fiery energy that receives lightening quick intuitive knowledge of any situation.  This energy is being rebirthed and reactivated by this Full Moon.  We are losing our addiction to overriding every truth we know with excessive and inappropriate logic. As the gorgeous Diane said last night on How To Look Good Naked when she stood in the wrong place in the lineup and added a false 3″ to her bustline, “I’ll have to rethink my thinking.”

Rationality has it’s place, but not at the expense of the truth.

Uranus is the harbinger of the Age of Aquarius.  Don’t expect to recognise the energies that are coming in at the moment, they are entirely new, and yet strangely familiar.

What did Philip Sedgwick have to say about the Galactic Centre?  The energetic crowding process pushes out mentally/emotionally stored data to clear space for new information to enter both the conscious and subconscious minds. 

And remember that this channel is seeking the truth.  Regardless of the consequences.  If you feel the pressure to create a crisis, ask yourself: What truth am I seeking here?  You may just save yourself some drama. 

in love,
Kim Gould

I have a few coaching spaces open at the moment.  If you’d like to explore your design more deeply, or you have a specific issue you need to understand, here’s your chance.  Find out more.

PPS:  I have incoporated my blog into my site, so you can find all future blogs at www.LoveYourDesign.com

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Going Sane

Jun. 16th, 2008 | 10:12 am

 There is an immense pressure today, as so very many people around the globe ping pong between the two energies I talked about yesterday - Neptune and Uranus.  It truly feels like Neptune is winning, as people try to avoid the pain by shifting as far as possible out of their physical bodies.  Do you feel an almost irresistable dreaminess, lack of focus, inability to think clearly?  That's Neptune.  

Go with the Neptunian flow, but be open to receiving life changing flashes of intuition..  With Venus and Uranus operating as a team in the Channel of Openness, these intuitive flashes are likely to be about your relationships - love and business.  They will almost certainly be about core self-esteem issues.  

Be prepared for a day or two of crazy making relationship energy.  She loves me.  She loves me not.  She loves me.  She loves me not.  And then the underlying story.  He loves me.  Do I really love him?  He loves me not.  I must have him!  

Have a look at Venus on your personal chart.  What Centre are your two Venus's in - the Design Venus can tell you something about your family history of self esteem and relating.  Your Personality Venus can tell you something of what you can evolve towards in relationships.  You can read the on-line I Ching if you don't have one to check out the gates. 

We're going sane, although it may feel like we're headed in the opposite direction.   Stay tuned to your core self esteem - I am loved, loveable and loving. 

in love
Kim Gould


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Emotions Arising

Jun. 15th, 2008 | 01:33 pm

Neptune and Uranus are very different energies.  They are both expressing themselves now because of the Emotional Manifestor transit I talked about in the last blog. I wonder which one has the upper hand with you right now?  This is a major energy that is being let loose upon the world between now and the end of June.  One in a series of major energetic shifts that we've experienced over the past 2 months.

Neptune is dreamy, blissful, floaty.  It is music, getting lost in the beauty of a sunset, 'in the zone' meditation.  It is also delusional and seeks to stubbornly avoid fully incarnating.  That's why it's the planet for drug use and addiction.   

Neptune hates boundaries.  They separate, and for Neptune, separation is painful, bringing up issues of rejection, abandonment, betrayal.  Neptune in your chart shows where you cling to your own personal ideal world because you can't work out how to let go and come out to play in the imperfection of life.  It shows where you are naturally attuned to being part of the collective, to intuitively expressing oneness.

Uranus is the planet of separation.  It represents the growth of a person into an individual who expresses their personal genius, and who can do so without the approval of others if necessary.  Uranus is also where you rebel to make a point, and in doing so cut off your nose to spite your face.  

In your chart, Uranus represents where you are able to receive intuitive information that is unique and innovative, where you need to be independent and totally free to be truly yourself.  

The two planets together bring a basic human dilemma to the surface of consciousness.  

How do you be your unique and independent self without being rejected or becoming unloveable?

There is a major collective emotional wound that tells us that our true self is unacceptable.  To stay safe and avoid experiencing the pain of rejection, we cling to worn out relationships, jobs, friendships, homes and outdated identities.   We don't examine the underlying belief because we think it's true.  Best to keep that truth hidden away where no one will discover it, and to cling to what helps it to stay hidden away and undiscoverable.  

The interesting thing with this Emotional Manifestor transit is that it will propel this emotional wound up and into the world.  It's just a mechanical fact, because the emotions are connected to the throat.  We can't control them, they're on the move.

This transit will be especially confusing for people whose Ajna Centre connects to their Throat Centre.  Usually you guys can speak very rationally on all subjects, but now when you open your mouth expecting to say something cool and in control, those emotions keep coming out instead! 

Important:  this wound is based on a belief, not a truth.  The past is no indication of whether it's true or not.  The more you have suppressed the issue, the more it will have been playing itself out for you.  It's saying - hey, here's a false belief, look here, look here!  

Many of us have a sense of lack of personal meaning, personal purpose.  Because of this, we wander around in the collective consciousness looking for things that might need doing, things that seem important.  We do some courses, hang up a shingle, and presto, we're useful, we're important, we're loved and accepted.  We enter into relationships because they might work out, or because they help us feel needed.

Problem is, our chosen 'thing', our current 'make do' relationship is not our true destiny and so it somehow fails to fully engage us.  We have to 'work' at it.  We have to 'learn' new skills from others because we are cut off from our own intuitive genius.   

Not only that, but we are missing out on the natural growth of soul wisdom that flows from fufilling our true destiny.  We are also partially cut off from the unique genius that Uranus offers and from the blissful connection to the collective that Neptune offers.  I can't even begin to express what a tragedy this is, and how very few people even understand this concept.   It is a major factor in why so many of us still 'work' for a living.

Connecting with our true personal destiny gives a sense of personal purpose that triggers our soul growth.  It evolves us out of the 'seeker' mode to one of wisdom and complete trust.    Connecting with your true personal destiny aligns you to your true role in the collective and heals the emotional wound I talked about above.    It brings you into a state of effortlessness, grace and profound joy. 

This month we are facing a process of growing up.  We are moving from the womb (Neptune) to a state of individuation (Uranus).  We are shifting from ungrounded oneness (the blissed out state of Neptune) to an ability to manifestor our unique self (Uranus).  We are also moving from sterile rebellion and struggling to express our individuality in a way that we feel will be acceptable (Uranus) to a natural and flowing relationship with life and humanity (Neptune).   We are facing the concept of aloneness as opposed to loneliness.  

We are learning that we can stand as fully independent beings and be all the more loveable (and loved) for that.  

We are being taken way outside our comfort zones because of the underlying emotional wounds.  It is important to remember, this process is about healing those wounds.  Because they are not the truth.  

What's true is that you are unique and true and you are exactly what we have been waiting to experience. 

in love,
Kim Gould

Be You.  That's What We Love About You.


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The Emotional Tango

Jun. 13th, 2008 | 11:17 am

 Emotional Manifestors go global!!

From now until the 30th June every single person on the planet becomes an Emotional Manifestor due to the transits.   On the simple level it means that each and every one of us has the ability to act on our emotional impulses as they arise.  

If you've read that last sentence carefully you'll realise immediately that there is nothing simple about this.   This type of transit generally heralds an outbreak of bizarre crime and accidents as people are unconsciously propelled to play out the deep emotional conditioning that lies within.   Emotional energy is constantly moving through different moods. These moods affect our perceptions.  

When we experience Emotional Manifestor transits it is important to take time to be clear about your feelings before you act.

This is especially the case if you have an undefined Solar Plexus or a defined Solar Plexus that is not usually connected to the Throat Centre.  (You can get your personal chart here)  Because you're not used to that particular energy flow being available to you it can feel a bit out of control.  You haven't had the opportunity to build up life experiences to assist you to use it wisely.  Even if your emotions are usually connected to the Throat, when an alternative route is activated by the transits, it takes the pressure off your usual channels and gives you a new emotional experience. 

It starts out nicely today, with Venus, the Sun and Uranus in the Channel of Social Gracefulness.  This is a delicious energy which helps us to appreciate each other, and to actively find ways to be kind and gracious.  The Sun and Venus together add immeasurably to the feelings of love, affection, passion and romance.  

As an individual channel, this is really all about our need to express ourselves within the group, to impact upon others as a way of evoking our own emotions.  This is absolutely not an objective energy.  Be aware of hearing only what you want to hear, only what suits your mood.  This channel is highly attuned to the subtle emotional tones of the voice.   You may find yourself and others reacting to what has not been said simply because the undercurent was in the emotional vibration.  Be aware of whether you are in the mood or not.  If you are in the mood (for whatever takes your fancy) and you feel emotionally clear about it, go for it.  If you are not in the mood, say no thanks and stay home.  

The underlying evolutionary impulse of this channel is the drive to find what is deep within you through a natural process of sociability or silence.

On the 19th June, Uranus shifts and we enter a different emotional landscape.  This one wants to make sense of the past, to find a reason for all those experiences, to gather some wisdom from the bumps and bruises.  Whilst the previous channel is passionate and romantic, this one is all about sexual exploration.  It's not about the other person so much as about what the experience evokes in you, so wait until the 19th to organise that orgy or visit the s&m parlour you've been considering.  Until then, stick with the romantic dinner and cheek to cheek dancing!

Just one point though, Saturn has been sitting in Gate 59 in the Sacral Centre depressing our sexual energy since February this year.  It will be there until August this year, at which time we'll all have some catching up to do! 

Tomorrow I want to cover the Uranus need to be an individual mixing with the Neptunian need to return to the womb.  Both planets are sitting in the emotional centre during this transit and this is creating a huge potential for us to find a balance way to blend the two energies - the bliss of being fully who you are on the planet - the Conscious Individual as an integral component of Oneness. 

in love,
Kim Gould


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That's Progress

Jun. 12th, 2008 | 12:52 pm

 The pressure on the Throat Centre continues, as the inner planets make their treck through Gemini.  The Sun, Venus and Mercury conjuncted in Gate 45 a few days ago, bringing a huge chunk of energy to our ability to resource ourselves, and to connect with those who control the resources we need.  It may be very interesting right now to see who is in your life, has resources that may be just what you need, and discuss a joint venture with them.  

The conjunct in Gate 45 happened right on my Ascendant, and it brings all my four motors to the Throat.  I celebrated by jumping out of the car and taking this photo.  It is difficult to be objective when a transit has such a personal significance.

Still, I'm convinced that this one was pretty big due to the links it has with the Neptune/Chiron/North Node conjunct in the emotional centre.  That particular channel is all about coming together in universal 'brotherhood' to meet our material and emotional needs.  

Gate 45, on the other hand, is the overlord, the one who OWNS everything.  You know how some people are always talking about THEY.  They say this.  They do this.  I don't have the power to make choices in my life because of THEM.  It's usually the government or some shadowy authority figure they're talking about.  Well THEY live in Gate 45.  So, having three inner planets there at once allows us to take back some of our power from THEY.  It allows us to acknowledge a bit more of our OWNERSHIP of our resources, so often unseen and/or taken for granted.   It's a grab back of inner authority.  Pluto in Capricorn is partly to thank for this, creating as it is, huge leaks in the energy of the global economy at the moment.

Speaking of Pluto, and who isn't?  Actually I haven't seen any mention of Pluto in the business pages of the paper, but still, Pluto is about to go back into Sagittarius on 14th June.  It will stay in Gate 10 in the BodyGraph, but will not return to Capricorn until late November 2008.  This will take the pressure off the global economy, and allow us a bit of thinking and planning time.  Look for solutions to long standing problems to arise.  Expect those solutions to have a big impact on our behaviour (Gate 10).  

The main thing I wanted to discuss, and can't seem to get there, is this line up of planets in Gates 35 and 36.  This is very significant and I've been watching the effect of it in the past few weeks.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll get to talk about it in more detail.  Just let me remind you of a few important issues to look for.  This is Truth Arising and creating Progress.  It is an energy that enjoys birthing itself via chaos, so it can be uncomfortable.  

What I suggest is that you be open to what you may find yourself saying or doing over the next two weeks, because it is very, very likely to carry the voice of deep and long hidden emotional truth.

Two things to know about this unveiling.  Firstly, it may be deeply conditioned and you may not like what you see/hear/observe about yourself or others.  Be open to seeing this as a healing process and don't get too precious about having to be nice or kind or loving.  This is what I call ROBUST emotion.  It's end goal is truth rather than social nicety.  BUT, you need to have an awareness of what is being revealed so that you can assist in your healing process.  

Secondly, with ultra-sensitive Chiron conjunct ultra-sensitive Neptune conjunct destiny-bound North Node all sitting at the bottom of this channel and your Throat sitting at the top of it just waiting to tell the truth, I'd advise you to listen closely.  Not just to what you are saying/doing but do keep an eye on everyone around you as well.  Don't discount any information that is given you.  There's X-Ray vision all around and lots of slightly unpalatable but immeasurably valuable gifts headed your way.  

in love,
Kim Gould


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Momentarily off line

Jun. 11th, 2008 | 01:55 pm

Love Your Design is momentarily off line as I switch servers.  My email is bouncing back too, apparently, although I was assured it wouldn't.  Should be back online within a few hours.

in love,

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Mental Confusion

Jun. 10th, 2008 | 11:16 am

 I woke up feeling completely mentally overwhelmed this morning and just looked at the chart for today.  The Moon had gone into Gate 64, gate of mental overwhelm!  Which ties in nicely with my Moon in the adjoining Gate 47.  So no sense to be made of anything today.  This is a gestational period where we live with the discomfort in a similar way that a pregnant woman lives with the discomfort of that baby sitting there in her belly.  We know that it is a natural cycle and that the answer will come in it's own time, resolving the pressure.  There is no need to push, no need to try to THINK our way out of the confusion.  

I had very much wanted to write about a few important transits today, but obviously the universe is busy with more than I had imagined.  When the pressure clears,  I shall again be tip tapping on my keyboard.  

In the meantime,

In love,
Kim Gould

Party Cat Being Himself

Be You.  That's What We Love About You.

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What Are Men For?

Jun. 7th, 2008 | 01:42 pm

A few years ago I wrote a blog called "What Are Men For?" after a series of conversations with men who were struggling to find a sense of purpose in their life that equated with what they felt was an innate sense of feminine purpose - the birthing and raising of children.  I received a lot of flack, very heated flack, from women and nothing but positive responses from men.  The women were horrified that I was devaluing their men.  From what I could gather, the men were already feeling devalued and that was the point of the article.  

They no longer had to be big and strong and protect their families from mamoths and sabre tooth tigers (probably didn't want to either, bit over that gig!).  Nor did they have to hone the fine art of fishin' and huntin' in order to feed their families.  The roles they were playing could just as easily be filled by a single mother with a good job (my sister being a case in point here).  Sex and provision of sperm?  Surely there's more to life than that for a man.  

The Men's Movement has been slowly creating a shift in this situation over the past decade.  Unlike the fierce unleashing of the women's movement in the early 70's, the mens movement is moving quietly and surely towards a more integrated experience of being masculine.  It is exploring mens' connections with their world and rebuilding meaning from the inside out.  Just like the womens movement, this work is uncovering much archetypal wounding, anger and grief.

Today we have the second connection between the Moon (emotions, the soul) and Mars (the masculine, the warrior) within two weeks.  You can read about the first one here.     It releases frozen emotions about our struggle to survive in the business world, to get up that corporate ladder, to make supervisor, to get enough overtime, to get honours so we can snag that post grad spot.  

It releases all that suppressed emotion we have around how hard this journey has been, and continues to be, and how tough we have had to be to keep going out there day after day just to ensure our own survival.  It accesses our feelings about hiding from our kids the financial problems we've been having paying the mortgage, or our struggles to raise our kids with values that are meaningful to us rather than allow them to be overtaken by cable tv and playstation. 

Mars and the Moon come together in the Channel of Leadership at the same time as the Sun moves into the Money Gate, the gate of being Lord of the Manor, King of the Castle, Master of all He Perceives.  

It also comes one day prior to the conjunction of Venus, Mercury and the Sun in that same Money Gate.  

If you look at the transit chart on this page you can see that it also links up with Pluto in Capricorn, which is teaching us how we can have unconditional love for ourselves and our behaviour.  On a personal level, Capricorn is about moving up the corporate ladder, getting out there in the world in a way that brings us approval and recognition, hopefully in financial form.

There is a shift going on right now in the balancing of masculine and feminine so we can access natural abundance on this planet.  

Have a look at where you may still be hooked in to the old masculine energy that is keeping us struggling.  In your personal chart, Design Mars can show where you carry the archetypal male wound.  Design Saturn can show where you are trapped in old mascline energy patterns. 

[After I finished writing this blog I picked up the newspaper, opened it to the movie reviews and read this - the headline for a review of the movie Sex and the City -"They had everything a man could want and no men who measured up."  time to rethink (relive?) the masculine I do believe!]  Also, a friend rang to talk to me about the issues of men not being able to keep their families safe or to provide for them as they would like to do, and the pain that creates for them. This applies also, but more subtley, to women in their masculine aspects.  My friend reminded me of the words - Vitality and Potency. 

Stop pushing, tune in, chill out.  Trust that mama earth loves each and every one of us.  Know that you have the opportunity to allow her to provide the nourishment you need without struggle, to express your vitality and potency in ways that go beyond your individual efforts.   Let that yin and yang flow together as they are meant to and allow the natural abundance of the universe to reveal itself to you.  

Each time we are more allowing in our own lives, we create more opportunity for ourselves and others to live lives of grace and ease.

That's about as logical as I can be today, as my Gate 64 pours forth a huge amount of abstract inspiration.  

Someone just asked me why so many people are having problems with their back/spine at the moment.  Here's some clues - Saturn, ruler of the skeleton, in the Sacral Centre at the base of the spine.  Look at how you are using your energy - who are you giving it to?  How do you feel about it - mentally, physically and/or emotionally?

Issues are: resistance to change, feeling stuck, the need to get out of existing patterns of energy use but not sure how to do it, self-denial, overly disciplined, perfectionist, clinging to traditional, conservative or family-condoned ways that are no longer working, holding on to feelings of isolation, being fearful of mixing with others, struggling with authority figures, feeling unable to trust ourselves to take soul responsibility, feeling discouraged and not knowing what to do with our energy, how to apply it.  This is a very sexual gate, so issues of how you use your sexual energy are very important, as is the issue of hiving off your personal creativity into the much safer sexual arena, using sex as a way to feel good rather than taking soul responsibility, also shame, fear, guilt and other sexual issues.  And so the list goes on.  Have a look at your Design Saturn to get a strong indicator if you are having issues with teeth or bones at the moment. 

in love,
Kim Gould

Be Yourself.  That's What We Love About You.

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Finding the Time for Truth

Jun. 4th, 2008 | 08:05 am

www.TheJoyPortal.comAs the Gemini NewMoon in Gate 35 begins to draw the darkness into the light my body has taken on a headcold that leaves me feeling a bit sorry for myself.  It's fun sometimes, isn't it?  Just curling up nice and warm and going 'oh, you poor little thing.'  I've been working with a set of activational glyphs created by my friend Shekanah.  They are taking me deeply into the love that I had not been able to connect with in myself.  Shekanah is extraordinarily talented in the ways of the multiverse and although she doesn't have them quite ready for everyone else yet, if you contact her via her website www.TheJoyPortal.com you may be able to convince her to let you have your very own set.  They are pure and profound, I can't say more than that.  When I have the heart glyph on my body it feels like I'm a small child being held in the unconditional embrace of my mother.  

Human Design Transits
Is time an issue for you right now?  Are you struggling to find the time to meet all your obligations?  Are you feeling that you could connect more deeply with yourself if only you had time to sit quiety and be with yourself?

Tomorrow the Moon meets the Earth in the Channel of Universal Rhythm.  When the Moon and the Earth meet it gives us an opportunity to see where our emotional/soul self is out of alignment with our more conscious day to day self.    

You can't fully ground your spirit into your body if you are out of alignment with universal rhythm.  Your body is part of that rhythm and living in a world that doesn't repect or value that rhythm is not doing any of us any long term good.  Find the places where you can let go of obligations, shed what is not essential.  Have a good deep look at what your actions are bringing you and see if they are really worthwhile on a soul level.

On the point of the New Moon, the Earth was already in this Channel, in the line that reads - the fear caused by a sense of helplessness, resulting in unnecessary stress and activity.  The point of power here is your ability to surrender as fully as you possibly can to your own universal/internal rhythm.  Take control of your life and make some choices that really feed you at the soul level.

Can you see that this channel runs from the Sacral Centre (in red) to the G Centre (in yellow).  It is linking up Pluto in the G Centre to Saturn in the Sacral Centre, deeply transforming your behaviour in the way you apply your energy.  Mars is also there, poking up from the top of the G Centre in the Gate of Leadership.  It challenges us to take up leadership of our soul journey, to give it importance over and above more mundane types of leadership.  Have a look at your personal chart to see what else this transit brings into contact.  These are the areas where you are looking to ground your own personal matrix of understanding so that it is available to the collective.  

If it's not grounded, we can't access it yet. 

This week is a major turning point in our shift to integrate the mundane and the sacred.  This very important Mercury retrograde hits it's midpoint, and on the 8th June, the Sun, Venus and Mercury will all conjunct in Gate 45 - the Money Gate.  According to Eric Francis on Planet Waves, this conjunct will occur at the the midpoint of the Venus transits of the Sun that occurred/will occur in 2004 and 2012.  We are at the halfway point.  More about this tomorrow. 

If you've read yesterday's blog you know that June is bringing some big shifts that will involve Truth.  More particularly emotional truth.  It is crucial to let go of any expectations of where you are headed, what you are becoming and how your relationships with others will play out.  This month is a collective adventure in planetary evolution, an opportunity to manifest a new way of being together that is based on unconditional love.  Working this week with Shekanah's glyphs I have come to understand the very real potential of operating without a heart wound.  

in love,
Kim Gould

Be You.  That's Why We Love You.

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Emotional Freedom

Jun. 2nd, 2008 | 11:47 am

 The Sun moves into Gate 35 and June starts off with a bang.  Literally, as the Universal Studios loses some of it's backlot in an explosion and fire.  Get ready for more of the same this month.  Unfortunately the famous clock tower that enabled Michael J. Fox's character to travel through time was damaged.  Now we're stuck here till the aliens turn up to save us!  

This channel, connecting the Solar Plexus to the Throat, is what I call ROBUST EMOTIONAL ENERGY.  It doesn't really give a toss about the outcome, so long as the truth comes out.  While the inner channel - Grace - is very sociable, very engaging and always does the right thing - by comparison, this channel rages and storms.  

Be prepared for what you might call "full and frank discussions" about issues of repression of individuality, freedom of emotional expression and sharing out of material resources.

Remember that Neptune, Chiron and the North Node are sitting quietly down there in the Solar Plexus Centre gently stirring up all sorts of emotional sensitivity.  When Uranus shifts into Gate 36 on 19th June we are going to see some interesting events.  Mercury will complete the pathway to the Throat, being retrograde in the adjoining Gate 35.  

When Mercury and Uranus get together we are looking at massive inspiration coming into consciousness.  It gives the emotional sensitivity direct access to the throat, creating an almost irresistable mechanical need to act on those feelings.  Expect large scale emotional healing, especially around the issue of expressing your individuality.  Uranus also represents where we need to operate in the world without approval, so old childhood conditioning is going to be out in the light.  I thought I told you never to talk about that little Johnny!

The next day the Sun and Earth go into the Gates of Extreme Behaviour (10 and 15), with the Earth lining up with a retrograde Pluto in Gate 10.  Woohoo!  

I've been working with the energy of this transit for about a week already.  I found it when I went looking for what felt like an earthquake coming up.  The wonderful thing about this transit is that it represents FREEDOM.  It will release a huge amount of conditioning from the Solar Plexus Centre.  In the lead up there is loads of energetic stabilising going on right now so that this transit will be as clear and balanced as possible.  I'll look at it in more detail and write more about it as we get closer to the event.  

Here's another wonderful synchronous example of how these transits play out in the real world.  First, let me explain that Uranus will be in Gate 36 - Bringing the Darkness to the Light.  Mercury will be in the adjoining Gate 35,  Progress.  And here's a quote from the Policital Waves blog for today.  With, I'm sure, no knowledge that Human Design even exists, she is quoting the relevant I-Ching passages virtually word for word.

if our current energy tells us anything, it’s that the darkness rising to the top is being exposed to the glaring heat of sunlight. That’s progress …

I'm watching petrol prices go up with a kind of perverse pleasure.  I'm not so worried for myself since I saw the Australian airline Qantas estimates it's fuel bill will rise by $2 billion next year.  Now that's a fuel bill.  Reports on the news suggest that food prices are going to skyrocket.  I saw a report last week on truckdrivers in Australia and Europe.  Apparently these undervalued individuals are going out of business at a rate of knots and then, hey how is the food going to get to the supermarket?  

We have access to so many amazing ways of replacing those old technologies and they will start to come out into the mass consciousness now. When I talk to people about a car that runs on water they give me that look, the one that says, if only we were back in the time of the witches, I could report you to the local chapter of firestarters right about now.  Or perhaps just contact the men in white coats with that lovely padded van.  Why would the comment cause such disbelief, even fear?  There certainly are engines that run on hydrogen.  The only thing stopping a water based engine from being as effective as the current petrol engine is that the little machine that splits the hyrdogen from the oxygen in the HO2 water molecule is not quite up to scratch.  But it easily could be, we're just not putting any of our energy into it.  

Saturn is in the Sacral Centre dissolving old structures of how we use our energy and creating new ones.  Pluto is transforming global systems.  Don't be in any doubt that this is all exactly as it is meant to be, and that you will continue to be safe and well.  

in love,
Kim Gould

A car that runs on water
An electic car that got caught speeding

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